The best way to get to know the city and the region is to take part in some of the many events and festivals. Here are some of them worth checking out.

1. Wine OS – a festival that promotes the wines of Slavonia and Baranja, all regions of Croatia and neighboring countries. It combines the gastronomic delights of our region and discovers new wine experiences. It is located in the Sports Hall Gradski Vrt, Kneza Trpimira 23, Osijek, and held in January every year.

2. HeadOnEast – three day manifestation which connect authentic activities, light effects and great gastronomy. Typically, the event held in October and it is located in the Tvrđa, Osijek but the last one happened in the end of December and it was located in the Park kralja Držislava, Osijek.

3. Osječko ljeto kulture – the biggest culture manifestation in the east part of Croatia since 2000. It usually lasts two weeks and you can find many events from the movie, theater, music, dance and art areas.

4. Pannonian Challenge – one of the largest Osijek brand. Unique festival that combine extreme sports competitions with an evenings of energetic parties and concerts. During the festival you will also find many breakdance and graffiti workshops which you can attend for free. Don’t miss Pannonian Challenge this year from 15 June to 19 June.

5. Craft Beer Festival – great opportunity to meet independent brewers, enjoy in the taste of craft beers and variety of snacks. Come and see what Craft Beer Festival has to offer in the middle of May, Sunčana ulica, Osijek.

6. Urban Fest Osijek (UFO) – international festival of urban music held in Dvorište Stare pekare, Osijek since 2004. UFO was proclaimed for the best demo festival in Croatia in 2008-09 year. If you are interested in good beats and atmosphere this is right event for you.

7. Đakovački Vezovi – one of the biggest traditional festivals in Croatia and it is considered as one of the major cultural events of the whole Slavonia. On the main event, you will see the procession of the folklore groups from all parts of Croatia. The festival is located in Đakovo and held in the beginning of July every year.

8. Vinkovačke jeseni – another traditional folklore festival in Vinkovci, Croatia. Vinkovačke jeseni are held each year in the month of September.

9. Wine and bike tour Erdut – manifestation which unites wine degustation, cycling, art and multiculturalism. It is located in Erdutsko vinogorje and held in September each year.

10. Advent u Osijeku – Christmas Market in Osijek is not as rich as the famous one in Zagreb but it also has a lot to offer. In that time of the year you will have an opportunity to see light attractions all over the town and for sure you will have to taste different Slavonian specialties.