With its beautiful nature and biodiversity, Slavonia will not disappoint even the most demanding travelers. In Osijek you can walk the promenades on both sides of Drava River, connected by famous pedestrian bridge, known by its old name Youth Bridge.

Find a little horse farm and try horseback riding along Drava River with a beautiful city view. On the left bank of Drava is located city beach “Copacabana”, a favorite place to stay during hot summer months. You should definitely take a bike trip to a nature park Kopački rit. It will give you unique experience of pure nature and peace with a chirping of birds only 15 minutes away from the city.

If you you are a mountain lover take a trip to a nature park Papuk and hike to a famous picnic area Jankovac. For a lake and fishing lovers there is an accumulation lake Borovik, 20 km away from Đakovo, a beautiful blend of greenery and water.

Slavonia and Baranja is famous wine region. Take a part in a famous manifestation Wine&bike tour Erdut. Enjoy degustation of tasty wines and authentic food, art and nice company of the local people.