Slavonia region with its capital Osijek certainly are not the first associations when you think about Croatia. If you are looking for vacation spot or long term stay you may choose capital Zagreb or some of the cities on the coast before continental part of Croatia.

Osijek is centrally located, only two hours away from Zagreb, Budapest, Belgrade and Sarajevo. It is the city with the most greenery and green areas in country; it has a bike friendly infrastructure and kilometers of promenade on the Drava river. Osijek is famous student city with strong and developed IT scene and growing tech community. It offers good cultural and night life with many events and festivals. As a weekend trip you can ride a bike to wildlife preserve Kopački rit, visit local towns or take some of the wine tours.

As part of growing up remote working scene, Osijek has many newly opened places that are offering workspaces at low cost. You will be also welcomed in most of the coffee shops to work while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. You will find grocery shops and bakeries on every corner which will save you a lot of time.

It is recommended to buy organic food from local farmers at the city market and try some traditional dishes like Slavonian kulen.

Local people are very well known for their hospitality, especially to strangers. Don’t hesitate to ask for a help, you may end up on a dinner in your host’s home.