GoSlavonia is an independent digital travel platform with more than 100 companies trusting our services. All customer inquiries are sent directly to the company offering their services thanks to enlisting the contact details of each company through our platform. This way, your request is handled promptly and will meet your expectations even better. An important thing to mention is that GoSlavonia does not earn any agency commissions.

GoSlavonia, as an innovative travel platform, will participate in important venues, fairs and congresses in our industry to gain more exposure and to promote available offers to a large range of audiences. With this in mind, you are able to present your specialized offers to even more specially targeted people.

What are the benefits of advertising on GoSlavonia?

  • Listing your offer on our platform
  • Company branding and offer presentation with informative data, photos, videos, maps, working hours, external links and social media links
  • Connecting you directly with the prospective buyer by sending out client requests directly to you
  • Comprehensive online administration of your listings and client statistics
  • Personalised support to you and your potential customers
  • Creative advertising solutions in order to present your offer on website, social media or newsletter that will bring more exposure

Advertising models

GoSlavonia basic membership

  1. Registering your company and listing your offers on GoSlavonia website

Highlighting your offer

Book a top hit and increase your offer visibility in a customer search in a certain region, country or category. Gain more leads by placing your offer on first position on our website positions. Minimum booking period is 3 months.

  1. Homepage featured offer position
  2. Search page featured offer position

Banners advertising

  1. Homepage banner position 1 – dimension 160x100px
  2. Homepage banner position 2 – dimension 160x600px
  3. Homepage banner position 3 – dimension 728x90px
  4. Listing detail banner position 1 – dimensions 336x280px
  5. Listing detail banner position 2 – dimensions 728x90px

Blog advertising

  1. Publishing an article which presents your company or offer
  2. Publishing an article which presents your company or offer with sharing on our social media profiles

Social media advertising

  1. Facebook: Post incl. text, image and tag
  2. Facebook: Sharing a related post
  3. Facebook: Sharing a post not related to travel
  4. Facebook: Create individual post according to customer specifications (e.g. text, images or videos)
  5. Instagram: Post incl. text, image and tag
  6. Instagram: Sharing a related post
  7. Instagram: Create an individual post according to customer specifications (e.g. text, pictures or videos)
  8. Facebook + Instagram: Post incl. text, image and tag

Newsletter advertising

  1. Your company presentation in our regular newsletter (3-4 sentences + up to 4 services/listings). It can only be booked once a year.
  2. Exclusive newsletter (In this case the newsletter is sent exclusively for you, with your content only.)
  3. Displaying one offer in the newsletter

Contact us to find more details and to arrange your advertising strategy on GoSlavonia.